Stay Home Mom--this title is not heard of much, these days. Most Moms are working out of home...and to be called a Stay Home Mom/ Home Maker makes us feel as if we are not being considered by the World...infact, its the most difficult job..handling a child and a whole household is not easy,,you already know it..then why should you let others declare that you are idle at home...I really appreciate the working Moms too..they go to work, come home and the family is staring at them with all the chores..that's frustrating but Moms dont mind!!!

One really relaxing chore is to play with your child...if you have older kids, spend time with them, doing nothing else...stare at them while they do their home work, play or while they talk to will recollect so much motivation...however, teaching your child early to respond kindly to you is most important here...if the child is rude, too naughty, you might even feel like running away :)...

Let the child tell you all that she/he did today while you were away..if you stay home, let them know how much you enjoyed playing with, watching them play...interaction with the innocent young ones is one thing that erases the tiresome feeling from your mind.


- Prathyusha Talluri