Your 1st Child, 2nd Child...every child is a wonderful gift from God...their first dress, first bottle, first pacifier, first pair of socks....are extremely precious, we love the tiny sizes...and every Mom stores them. But where do they end up, in the actually store them to refresh those moments, but you hardly see them...the purpose is not solved..and it adds to the clutter at home.

Before you feel they are not useful and throw them and one fine day you sit and regret for loosing them..its a better idea to get them framed. Frames available in the market come in sizes and with purposes to display items, not just pictures..they are called Shadow Boxes..

You need not hang those frames / shadow boxes in the Living room if you sentimental..let your Bedroom be the place, or your Child's Bedroom, study room be the area for those memories to be will feel good everytime you look at them and your Child will also not feel shy when he/she grows up. They are just some items, not their baby-days' pictures.


- Prathyusha Talluri