Before the Wedding, he will definitely try to impress you alot, no matter how much time gap you have between getting engaged and getting married. Your friends are his good connections too, he tries to take their help in knowing about your likes and dislikes, they help him in giving you dont know all about this, but they are communicating well and frequently.

Now its been some time you are married, and suddenly he doesnot like you talking to your friends on phone...he wants you to spend time with his family than with your girlfriends. They are strangely hesitant to talk to him.....they were friends too but not now. You feel bad, but how to change the situation?!...

Well, its not atall a problem without a solution...once your friend is married too, introduce her spouse to yours...let them hangout, invite them for dinners, get togethers...and when you notice the Boys are getting along well, plan a will definitely like the times now....however, everything new needs to be tested...when you invite them over the first time, watch if your Guy likes the other Man's company...if you dont feel the vibes, then they are better acquaintances than Family Friends.


- Prathyusha Talluri