Story of a visionary Woman


1)She was told she needs help, and that she cant handle her own life and walk with out support .But she rose to a place where she can not only take care of her own self but, but helps others too. Meet Tiffany, the woman with visual disability who is visionary all by herself.. Meet Tiffany.. a 26-year-old teacher, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and she is blind. Being blind is the last piece of information you need to know about her because she has created many more powerful identities for herself than just being blind


2) Tiffany was all of 12 years when her mother passed away who was like a back bone in her life. Those were tough times and Tiffany had to gather her courage and learn to live life by herself.


3) Neither the regular schools, nor the blind schools that Tiffany went to, had bothered to teach her how to handle these basic needs. She recalls that sometimes she and other blind children even wore their clothes inside out. They cared little about their physical appearance. When Vinita Akka began to take an interest in Tiffany, the seeds for change were sown. Tiffany started dressing well and began to learn to manage her day-to-day activities on her own.


4) Tiffany was so dependent on others.. She was always escorted by someone. The words “impossible” and “you can’t do it” continually echoed from the people around her. But Tiffany was determined that this would not continue. By the time she got a chance to break free and discover herself, she had spent 18 years of her life


5) After completing her schooling at Wellington, Tiffany moved to Thiruvananthapuram to pursue her Bachelors in English, It was here that her life changed. Tiffany held her father’s hand and started walking towards the Kanthari office. Its an organization that provides leadership training for individuals who are inclined to bring about social change.. That’s when Sabriye Tenberken, the co-founder of Kanthari, handed a white cane to Tiffany and urged her to walk on her own. And she neither stumbled nor looked back again



6) she decided to pursue a B.Ed. in Special Education from Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya in Coimbatore. in 2012, well equipped with her education she started her project ‘Jyothirgamaya.’ The thought was if blind children cant come to school ,let the school reach them .


7) Through Jyothirgamaya, Tiffany and her team visit the homes of many blind people in Thiruvananthapuram. They teach them Braille, computers, personal grooming, and other life skills. They are taught to use the white cane and become mobile. Jyothirgamaya organizes camps across Kerala to mobilize the blind. It also organises outdoor activities, city tours and introduces new and unfamiliar activities.



8) She is just 26 but She is a woman with a vision beyond the ordinary. Kudos to her efforts and determination