That Friendly Ladies Nite


We all have friends and like spending time with a good group of them. Even one single odd person spoils the fun. In this quest to find the right friend with whom our mentality and frequency matches, we come across quite a few and select one or two. Luckily, if you friends happen to be in the same city or the same community, we tend to feel we can meet up anytime or anyday but with our busy personal schedules, it is so difficult to meet eachother atleast once a month. I wonder how some ladies keep inviting and hosting kitty parties, get-togethers and such every month. If you are in that loop, it gets easier but once you come out of that group due to jobs, schools and life, 'Sorry, can't make it to the party, i am caught up' is one frequent answer we hear, even from ourselves.

Too much of running behind life makes us so frustrated that we want to spend lone time or some time with good friends, atleast an hour of not having to run behind kids or feed them if they are younger, etc. during such times a Ladies Nite is the best. Arrange one at ones place or a good not so crowdy restaurant. At home, there is no time limit, but restaurants might offer all the service without having to serve food or clean dishes.



Inviting new girls to make friends with them depends on your reason to meet. If you are in a very light mood to spend joyous moments chatting and catching up on general matters, each person can invite a new friend into the group..but if you want to meet your bestie or a group of close ones to discuss a personal or common matter, then having new friends may not be a good idea. You would not be able to discuss private matters with them around and they might feel left out if you all sit together or gather up in twos to chat. With old friends, there need not be any activities,, chat , chat and chat...hours would be enough..depends on everyone in the group. If inviting new friends, it is always good to have one, two games and some ladies crafts for fun, or a potluck. A common dress code or a theme for dressing up makes it more interesting and exciting.

Coordinating the event is important...someone who is good with communicating, social media follow ups can do it better. Making sure everyone is informed, and coordially invited is the key. However, close friends dont need such formalities. Some invite a friend who just started her home-based jewellery or Costume business or someone who markets Tupperware..these parties are a good platform to introduce such oppurtunities..yet, they are a success only when everyone in the group is informed of the agenda and they all like to attend..let it not be a strange surprise. And if you are meeting after a long time, make sure to take atleast few pictures for a great memory..send the photos to others in the group in few days using creative photoframes or make crafty frames while you all chat and use them for sharing photographs. A 'Ladies Only' party is the can talk without having to bother about kids or husbands !!