Wishes on Women's ( special article )


A soul in grief, cries. Why am i a woman ?! When i speak, why does the society comment and raise an eyebrow? When i want to be independent, why do people think i am rebellious? Can't i be given a little more importance? Can't i dream of a happy life? My life was worryfree until marriage happened, why did it change completely? What harm did i do, that they dominate me? How can my parents who loved me so much give me away in marriage ? So many questions bombarding. Just touch a sorrowful soul of a hurt woman and her tears tell you a tale. On the other hand, there are others who are happier with a caring husband, a helpful family, their dreams come true and they achieve alot in life...some are very successful in careers and some are content with wonderful families on both sides.


They say in this modern society, super fast times, women have become smarter and bolder, yet there are still those who have no support from parents, who are emotionally sensitive and think of both sides being affected by their drastic decisions and hence, settle to be dominated and suffer with no individuality. Only way things can change and be better is when those husbands realise to treat their respectible wife just the way they treat their Mothers or Sisters and give them the much needed affection and attention. Ladies: Be more responsible and dont try to dominate too...probably, these Men are just very cautious of not being over ridden by a wife,...we have tried to be nice and gentle, just be the same. You are on the right path!! Marriage cannot be in harmony with the slightest diversion..both husband and wife should be good to eachother. However, there are wives who have made their respectible husband's life miserable...they donot let them live their life happily...when there is no trust in marriage, it fails. Self-realisation and  correction should be the Manthra followed..if not, God is to be feared the most and if He ever punished the wrong one instantly, thats the only way people would learn to be good !!

On this International Womens Day, i wish Women who are still crying silently behind closed doors and in the closets, not being able to change a rude and chauvinistic husband, get redemption quickly and to them those sorrowful days would be a dream of the past and that they see brighter and happier days...how it happens is all in the hands of God Almighty!! I wish for a miracle for all women on this Women's Day !!



...Pratyusha Talluri