Tooth Paste And Lots More!

Toothpaste is probably one of the first things we take into hands, as we start our day! But toothpaste doesn’t seem to have the sole purpose of cleaning the teeth. Household experts reveal secret uses of a tooth paste for many other purposes. A Few of such hints with toothpaste…



Its’ a common problem with the water bottles! That unpleasant smell won’t go away even after boiling. And when those bottles belong to a baby, that would certainly be a cause to worry. When the baby bottles were left over with the sour milk, the smell would never leave them even after a through rinsing. Add a bit of toothpaste into the bottle and wash it out. You could certainly feel the difference.

This trick would even work on our hands! Whenever our hands stinky with the foods like garlic, onion… rub a gram of toothpaste and you could be free from the smell.

Stain remover:


The stains are common on a carpet. But if you wish to get rid of them, apply toothpaste directly at the place of stain and scrub with a toothbrush before rinsing. You could certainly watch a good result. This trick can be applied even to the clothes. But the toothpaste might contain a bleaching agent which would affect the color of the clothes. So the tip could better be applied for white clothes or clothes such as polyester which won’t lose color. Even the stains on a canvas shoe can be effectively treated with such a process.

Shiny Shiny!


Rub a dab of toothpaste on silver or brass ornaments and shine them with a soft cloth. But such a method might reduce the glaze of a pearl. So it’s better not to use them for pearls. This trick would prove effective even to shine the leather goods. Rubbing a bit of toothpaste for a shine would also work on our nails. Scrub your nails with the toothpaste and you can watch them being clean and shine!

Pain reliever!


The refreshing agents in the toothpaste would relieve us from the pain on our skin. Minor cuts, burns and bugbites can be treated with a dab of toothpaste. But it would not be a good try to apply it when your skin is broken and the wound is wet. Some people would apply it to a blister and leave it overnight. Toothpaste is found to dry them up by the morning!

The list for the hints including toothpaste is not limited. It can be used to treat the water marks; it acts against the fogging on a bathroom mirror; it can be applied on a damp cloth to remove the crayon stains and some even use it as a hair gel to keep the hair style in place!

- Nirjara.