Self Motivation

Being motivated all the time is a herculean task.For this same reason many cultivated  the habit of seeing motivational videos to get that pumping spirt into their lives. This normally works good for men coz they can sustain on that mood for long time coz they do one thing at one go. But women, being multi  talented and doing multi tasking all the time ,definitely are prone to get demotivated faster than men,and the problem here is no motivational talk or video can pull them up.
Now how can we fix this problem??

Lets identify why they get demotivated more often:

Firstly Women to a large  extent are perfectionists. This craving for doing all the things they do perfectly puts them into a  lot of stress. And this stress leads to inability to complete work in time,which in-turn will dimotivate  them further.

Secondly they don't share work. They think they are bound to do all works at home and office. And taking help is always against their interest.

How to over come it:

* First and the foremost is women have to understand that nothing is perfect in this Imperfect world.

* They need to know being  perfect is hard but  striving to be NEAR perfect is easy. They need to understand that if they are doing 5 things at one go,one or two from them might go wrong,and its  absolutely ok. Doing a mistake is no big deal, but not rectifying it, is. So when ever you do a mistake try and find ways to rectify it rather than getting dimotivated from it.

* Second is learn to SHARE work, and its not sin. If at all a women knows how to delegate work to others then she is a sure success. And for a successfull women there is no need for  external motivation.

* Basically women have inbuilt machanism to cope up with any stress inculding avoidinng demotivation. So instead of searching for external motivational forces, they can self motivate themselves. So get up get started and get motivated in the right way. Keep Rocking!!