Women Empowerment, Really Necessary?



Is it necessary to ask for a special Empowerment in Women? Why do such situations arise? Who forces such a state? All these and such are questions bombarding the minds of thousands of women across the world..because there still are Husbands, mostly husbands who control the lives of women in their household...Fathers are not so tough as they have love for the daughter at some corner..Husbands are the ones holding the lives and laughters of women, dominating them in various ways, intimidating them during some moments of the everyday life.


Women have a different life until they get married, they are independent, under the shelter of caring parents, in the same 'most-comfortable' atmosphere they grew up in. Everything changes soon as they get married..ofcourse, for some fortunate girls, things become so favorable after marriage, they meet the most-loving person and he takes care of her so wonderfully that she feels marriage is heavenly..and for most of us, marriages are the worst things that could happen..every such woman knows it, still endures for years, looking at the helplessness of the parents or their emotional status, and later at the innocent faces of her children and continues to long suffer...and the husband takes her for granted, the feeling of 'what will she do..nothing!' is his strength.



As someone rightly said 'A woman changes for her husband,becomes a mother to his children, they even carry his surname, not hers, she endures birth pangs and almost dies during labor, she takes care of his household and family too...he doesnot even care to show her some compassion, neither empathy when she is tired. He even has complaints with her cooking, every now and then..he doesnot want her to mingle with others anymore, he is so envious of her social relationships..she is left with no friends and no proper contact with her own family. She is capable of taking up a job but sacrifices for her kids, and stays home doing the dishes, cleaning the house..he never shows any respect for her sacrificial decisions. Finally, he says 'you did nothing for me!, or 'get out of my sight!'. Does she need such a treatment? Where is that most loved daughter of her parents?


Yes, we need Empowerment as long as there are husbands like this, we need a constant voice backing us up that things will be fine, that she is not alone, that there is someone to care for her...if that comes spiritually, then it is the most blessed and fruitful endurance. She needs diversion from the issue but how she finds it is the question...will the husband allow it, how will she even find some relief without any shame from him...this is an article not for the women but for every man to read..and learn not to live a life like the husband in this story..there are similar stories of husband suffering in the hands of a wife..even in this modern era, are such bitter relationships necessary? Can't  there be 'wonderful marriages' and 'amazing couples'. Empowerment, is it necessary?!