Gone are those years when we, Indian women thought only cooking and house keeping is our part of family responsibility. We have realised that women play a key role in earning, family welfare, and that we also have social responsibilities.

I am glad we have a medium like this to share our thoughts, let me speak for many of us who are still shying away,or hesitating to express what we want.

We want not to be commented when we drive vehicles saying "If the person driving the other car is not driving it correctly then it should be a woman.".....census says that Women are careful drivers.... We want a secured society that respects women of all ages. We still want elders to welcome a Girl-Child heartily into their families. We want encouragement to take up our interests seriously and turn them into a successful career. We want not to be questioned when we come home late after a stressful day at work. We want freedom to visit our parents' place without any restrictions after getting married!! We want our wants to be fulfilled, atleast thought of, can that be possible?


- Prathyusha Talluri