Valentines Fun Ideas for All


Valentines Day has become so famous among the kids too, these days...few years ago, it was just for the, it is for everyone on the is almost like a 'Thank you Day'. You can greet anyone who is special and send a gift for anyone who is close to your heart, it could be your Grandma, or a Best Friend, or your child can even give a card to his/her favorite Teacher. Ofcourse, the younger kids do it, the better. And so unofficially, it has become a Kids celebration day. Schools are hosting Valentines day parties for the little ones, they make heart crafts for eachother, Teachers get gifts from their cute students...Parents spend with them enjoying a sweet cupcake and lots of fun.

The web has so many valentines day craft ideas for every age group. Buy a few ready-made greeting cards, or bring home few colorful papers, cut them up in heart shapes and prepare your own card, write what you like to express and Lo.,.. You are ready for the day ! Cards need not just be item can bake a red velvet or a strawberry cake for your loved one, or steal a sweet recipe from someone or the internet and prepare a dessert for the evening, bring few dark chocolate packs and stash them on the couch for your special ones to find them to surprise when they crash on the couch.



I know the restaurants will be too busy that day, amd forget about going out without a dinner reservation if its a weekend, like this years...make sure to make your evening or afternoon a memorable one with family and friends by cooking and decorating together for fun. Sleepovers for kids and youngsters wouldne a lot of fun and a memory down the lane. Gather some old photographs of your couple or with your kids and family members and create a collage, set up a power-point presentation when everyone gathers for an exciting feeling and a nostaligic evening. If you are married, dig out all the old valentines day gifts your spouse gave you and arrange them on a table with candles lit up...dont forget to take new photographs of the present moments, they dont come back !!

Compile an audio album of your loved ones favorite songs or your child's favorite rhymes or kids songs and play them when together for a casual amd exciting dancing time. A movie-nite with special ones is a good idea, anyways. Dine-out is fun but the restaurants are crowded that day and so you maynot be able to spend longer or have much privacy. Besides everything, those traditional surprise gifts have always been there. Make sure you give something the other person likes, not what you like. It is jot about the date, it is about the day...make it special and sweetly memorable !!

Prathyusha Talluri