Beat The Heat In Style!


The weather is catching up on heat very quickly and you need some tips to prevent the heat from bothering you? There’s not much you can do about the weather but you can change your attire to stay cool. Let me use the bottom to top approach to help you decide on your summer look.

Not many of us pay attention to the trouble our feet undergo during the summer months. Did you know that your feet swell up a little during the summer season? If you were unaware of this fact then you have been troubling your feet a lot, all these years. Your regular footwear makes your swollen feet very uncomfortable. You may be unaware of it immediately, but soon you will start experiencing discomfort. So what can be done for the poor swollen feet? The trick is to buy a pair of shoes/sandals of a slightly larger size than your regular preference. This will give your feet the much needed comfort in summer. Natural leather and known to expand so make a wise choice when you go shopping. Coming to your cloths, the fabric is what you need to choose correctly. I’m sure you know what not to wear, but do you know what to wear? If you are confused about that, let me clear your confusion with suggestions of simple dressing styles. You would be thinking that cotton will be my first suggestion. Let me improve your knowledge about fabrics.

It is said that Linen will be a better choice over cotton in the summer months. Why? Simply because it is cooling. But, everything comes with a side effect. Linen is a fabric that requires frequent cleaning when you sweat into it. If you don’t mind that, then enjoy your summer with Linen on you. If this is not something you want to do then stick to the traditional cotton wear.

Its not enough to choose the fabric, your choice of the color and style of your outfit also needs to be apt. Choose light colors that don't allow the heat to stay within. Coming to the style, you might have to do some summer shopping. Fortunately, this is not the only option. You can give a new look to your old cloths to make a perfect summer outfit. Make sure you have great tailor, because only the best can give the best. Take your cloths to the tailor and see if he or she can crop your skirts and blazers to make them summer fit. Also remember to allow your skin to breathe. Don’t suffocate it with extremely tight cloths.

What about make up? I’m sure you know a million ways to present yourself beautifully. What you may not know is how to take care of your make up kit. Cosmetics too are intolerant to heat. They may melt and become unusable if you don’t protect them from the angry sun. The protection process of your make up kit begins with, placing a zip lock bag in the refrigerator and letting it remain there overnight. When you step out to conquer the world next morning, carry your make up kit in that cold bag. This will keep the heat from attacking your lipstick or foundation at least until you find a cool place to put it in.

Try these tricks and enjoy summer!

Kruti Beesam