Slimy Snail Facial


Snail Slime Facial: The vanity of a woman “Vanity is becoming a nuisance; I can see why women give it up, eventually. But I'm not ready for that yet.” said Margaret Atwood from the Cat's Eye. And the kind of things that women do to stay beautiful the list is endless , from the Egyptian queen Cleopatra bathing in asses milk to Victoria Beckham’s nightingale poop facial , the latest facial treatment to hit the market is the  Snail Slime Facial!

Yes ! You heard us right, this latest fad from Japan where snails are put on your face for a period of time and they craw over your face and release secretions which are good for the skin. But for this process snails are reared in clean environment and fed on organic vegetables which make it safe for using in this procedure. But it costs a lot and is yet to hit the World Market.

But there is another alternative and that is the Snail creams which contain proteins, glycolic acids and elastin which are extracted from the snail secretions and this helps in restoring damaged tissue and skin hydration. This definitely sounds and will feel much better than having snails on your face. But this is only for the brave hearted...