Parenting Tips for Single Moms

Single parenting is quite a challenge. In India, a woman as a single parent is not a status easily accepted by society. But when life puts you to it, it is better to prepare yourself, than to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation.

* Like any unplanned situation in life, give yourself a little time to get a grip of your position. Do not blame yourself, or your child for the situation. Try talking to your confidante, or write it down in your personal diary. This helps in the healing process and brings you to get to the threshold of ‘moving on’.

* Depending on the age of your kids, try communicating and reassuring them that everything will be fine, and that you are there for them. Children need to feel secure, loved and protected. You should be strong and confident enough to convince your child of giving her/him that nurturing environment all by yourself.

* This is a very crucial step in the process of settling down in the new situation. Prepare a monthly budget, plan for an emergency fund, and set aside a small amount as savings. Having financial independence is a big boost in this situation.

* Being a single parent doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone. Do not shy away from seeking help or joining/creating a support group. It is essential to list down people whom you can depend on in emergencies. Keep a handy list of their contact numbers. Asking for assistance helps in strengthening the human bond and builds a sense of belonging even for your child.

* Keep a specific family routine and spend time with your child understanding what they are feeling. Connect with the emotional needs of your kids and calm their fears. Take your child bowling or trekking or just some simple toddler time, so that the child get a sense of normalcy.

* The time you spend on yourself, as a single parent, is very precious and this will help in building your inner strengths. Set aside an hour each day to sit, reflect, analyze, introspect and put things in the right perspective. This is a very powerful aspect and brings hope, healing and also helps to relax your mind.

* Focus on personal growth and stress reduction. Pick up some new hobbies or revive a lost interest. Being a single parent takes its toll on your emotional and mental being, and therefore it is extremely vital to ensure that you get your dose of relaxation and pampering. Splurging on your self is not a crime, so feel free to get that spa or massage appointment, or even some good quality girlfriends’ time.