Lunch and Dinner for One Year Old

For all those days when you wonder what to cook for your one year old, below are some easy recipes that also taste delicious.

1. Cheesy Rice

    Shred some carrots, beetroot and potato.
    Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a pan.
    Add the vegetables and sauté it till soft.
    Add half a cup of rice to it together with half a cup of milk and half a cup of water.
    Allow the mixture to cook.
    Once soft add a few spoons of cream and shredded cheese.
    Add a pinch of salt and stir.
    Remove from flame.
    Note: instead of vegetables you can also use pureed nuts.

 2. Semolina and Corn

    Boil half a cup of corn with a little salt, until soft.
    Mash them with a fork and remove the skin.
    Sauté two to three spoons of semolina in a pan with a teaspoon of ghee.
    Add water once golden.
    Add the corn and stir.
    Add shredded cottage cheese, salt and stir.
    Once the mixture begins to thicken remove from flame.

    3. Fruity Bread

    Finely chop half a cup each of banana, apple and papaya.
    In a pan sauté it with a teaspoon of butter till soft.
    Add half a cup of milk and allow the fruits to simmer.
    Add one to two spoons of sugar and a few spoons of fresh cream.
    Remove from flame once it begins to thicken.
    Toast one brown bread till its crisp.
    Crumble it into the fruit mixture and stir it in.

    4. Mixed Grain Pea Parantha

    Knead the dough of a teaspoon each of wheat, black millet, white millet, maize flour and Bengal gram, together with a pinch of salt, a little turmeric and a spoon of butter.
    Boil half a cup of green peas till soft.
    Mash it and add to the dough.
    Take small chunks of the dough and roll into small circles.
    Cook each with a little ghee till each side is light golden.
    Serve with sweetened yogurt.

    5. Spinach Macaroni

    Boil a quarter cup macaroni in water with a pinch of salt.
    Once done, strain and keep aside.
    Boil half a cup of chopped spinach and puree it.
    Pour the puree into a pan and add a little milk to it.
    Add the macaroni and salt to taste to the puree and allow it to simmer for two to three minutes.
    Add cheese and stir.
    Serve warm.

    6. Fruity Oats Porridge

    Boil an apple and a guava with a teaspoon of sugar till soft.
    Puree the boiled fruits.
    Sauté four to five tablespoons of oats in a little butter.
    Add half a cup of milk and water each and allow it to boil.
    Once it begins to thicken, add the fruit puree.
    Serve warm.