Side effects of pregnancy-Swollen feet and Vericose veins



Swollen feet are not a big concern when they happen during pregnancy...Edema, as it is called, Swollen feet, occurs due to increased fluids and increased pressure on the uterus, those fluids tend to create swelling in the feet, thanks to the law of gravity ! Mostly starting to occur between week 21-27 and goes on until the day of delivery...for some, the swelling continues and raises concerns to the medical staff too, as it happened in my case...they had to apply tens to my highly swollen feet, but the next day of delivery, swelling reduced and left.



A matter of concern is when swelling keeps increasing and creates restless feet, it is when the Gyneacologist has to be informed and met if asked to. During every prenatal visit, they check the blood pressure rate and urine levels too, but if the levels are high compared to the normal range, then it is considered as Preeclampsia and needs immediate attention as it is harmful for both Mother and Child. Otherwise, in a normal situation, a sudden weight gain during pregnancy may lead swelling in the feet, and that is the reason why, along with purchasing maternity clothes, women need to consider buying new 'maternity' footwear as the feet are usually swollen or swell atleast once for many. If they still neglect and try to fit those tired feet in their old footwear, they tend to create a burning sensation or tired feet.


Certain good habits inculcated during pregnancy help avoid swollen feet, or atleast offer relief...

Keep feet elevated mostly

Donot stand or sit for long hours

Never sit in a crossed-legs position

Drink lots of water

Use the right kind of footwear to fit those swollen feet/purchase new pair during pregnancy

Follow prenatal exercise routines that are safe, regularly

Avoid tight fit dresses, leggings or stockings

Sleep, turning towards the left side

Keep a control on the salt intake, based on the Doctor's recommendations

Soak those swollen feet in hot water tub for soothing


Vericose veins are the not-so-desired side-effects of pregnancy...again, not happening to many women. The increased production of blood necessary for two beings, The excess pressure the uterus puts on pelvic blood vessels are the two conditions that come together to create a vericose veins situation. They are perfectly harmless for the Mother and child but Mom is left with these undesired veins on her legs and feet even after delivery as a memory. They may itch and swell after long periods of standing and donot allow Mom to wear her old shorts or Dresses without her permanent stockings ! Not matter what, these ugly veins and swollen feet...nothing can stop her from bringing her dream child to life, safely !