Puffy paints to keep the little hands busy


Keeping kids busy is a big task. Engaging them on a holiday or during the weekends is a huge responsibility. Mom needs ideas galore for every hour of idle time. Sametime, every activity and items involved need to be safe, because kids are master minds, they get wierd ideas about each and every thing they find...they create strange games and messy afterwards. Kids like to paint..to see them do the same stuff everytime is boring for parents either. Why not create a new kind of paint using shaving cream and other painting supplies !

Items needed:

Shaving cream
Ordinary white school glue
Food colors
Icecream sticks
White or colored papers to paint on
Gloves for kids ( if necessary)

Pour a generous amount of white glue in a plastic bowl. Add equal amount of shaving cream to it. Mix well with an icecream stick and pour few drops of the desired food color in one portin of this mixture..similarly, prepare mixtures using the other food colors if desired. With the help of a icecream stick, let the kids paint on any colored paper or even white. Once the paint dries, the texture is puffy and interesting. Such colors and painting techniques ddnt exist when we were young...what an amazing idea by the creative Moms on the WWWeb !!

** make sure to check on the kids while they are painting. Keep away the shaving cream tin soon after the mixture is prepared.