Are you friendly ?

Are you friendly?? Generally you are asked to question like this to yourself while dealing with your teenage kids. But have you ever noticed that your friendships and the way you deal with your friends are very effective to your kids while they are engaged with their friends?

Yes, you read it right; it is very well known to us that, parents are the best role models to their children. But, now It is also proved that, parents still stand as role models for their kids while socialising too.

Especially, when mother has friends, they observe their mother’s behaviour with her friends and try to adopt most of the patterns so very unconsciously. If you are jealous, attitude problem with your friends, kids will catch them and develop such behavioural patterns with their friends also.

When you are kind to your friends, helpful and highly approachable, kids will surely learn this from parents and demonstrate such conduct in their friend circle.

This means, knowingly or unknowingly you are deifying your child behaviour with their friends so as their circle. Hence try to be polite and warm with your friends and never try to find fault with your friends.

This will help you and your children to be happy in life.


- M.S.Bhavana