These days we see kids fidgeting with IPads, Cellphones, Laptops, and other devices, they are no more only for parents. Kids are so busy playing games and watching videos....Once gone are gone, once parents give those devices to the kids, they dont come back to us.


Parents should not encourage these things. Never give them to a crying child to divert them. It becomes a habit slowly, they cry inorder to take the Ipad and play. And the result, they dont have any family time, they dont greet the guests when someone visits, which makes the guests comment on the parents and it becomes a talk of the town that you as a parent might not like atall, frequent complaint of boredomand headaches, problems with eyes.


Make some rules: Parents dont have to keep saying No to everything but for a few, NO is the only word. When you dont introduce a thing to your child, the child will understand that its not something for him/her. Say "no screens at meals", there are parents who resort to Laptops, TVs, IPads just to make the child eat food. What follows, the child demands to have the TV turned on to eat. Let not you turn prey to the tricks. if your child does something good, dont reward them with ipads, instead buy a good book or take them to play. its the Era of Information Technology, they cant escape gadgets, but atleast save them when at home.


"Multiple studies have shown that family meals help kids learn good nutrition and protect against weight problems as well as risky behaviours". Not just meal time, once they come home, they should be used to playing healthy with other kids and not sitting like couch potatoes and playing video games.


- Prathyusha Talluri

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