Had a baby recently, or been a year or two, nobody needs "me time" more than a busy parent. Here's the scoop on beauty and fashion, including tips, products, and ideas to keep the busy Mom looking good and come out of the low-confidence time of life.

Carry a Easy to use Foundation/ Liquid Makeup: It can be even LactoCalamine or any liquid makeup that you trust.

Try a Bun: On particularly crazed days, wash hair in the shower and then wrap it in a tight bun to dry. Take it down and your hair is wavy. It looks like you had it styled.

Coconut Oil removes mascara/ eye liner/ kajal naturally, and it's a great all- over moisturizer.

Baby Wipes are fantastic for cleaning the face on-the-go and for removing makeup when you're too worn out and when there is no time to properly wash the face.

Dry Shampoo is so useful if you have realized you couldn't shower whenever you wanted to get your hair clean. Start using TRESemmé dry shampoo, spray it in, let it sit for a few minutes, then brush it out.

Carry a cutie: Just dress your baby really cutely and hope people are so distracted by her that they don't notice you.

Flaunt a good hair style: Get a good looking hair cut and show off, you will have some confidence to carry yourselves well.

Tinted Lip Balms are great -- better than lipstick that dries out your lips and better than super-shiny gloss that your hair gets stuck in.

Night Cream: Extra Emollient Night Cream keeps your eyes and skin from being red and puffy, even after long nights spent trying to put the teething or an active baby to bed.


- Prathyusha Talluri

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