How To Feel Better During Your Period

When you are on your period. You really feel like doing is lying on rest. Not overcommiting ourselves is a good thing too during our periods.. We can still reap the feel good benefits of orgasm through masturbation.

Here is a list of things you can do to feel better during your period.

* Avoid stress. We often hear that stress is the main cause of all modern problems. It really is. So, try to avoid stressful situations during your period as stress tends to make your flow heavier. Ask for a day off from work if it is possible and get some rest.

* Take a warm bath. While you might think taking bath during your period is not very hygienic, it is not actually true. Don’t worry about it. Instead, focus on your sensations. Warm water relaxes and eases cramps. Pour some scented body wash or throw a bath bomb to boost the effect.

* Warm Up. To easy muscle spasms and feel better during your period try putting a hot (not too hot!!!) water bottle on the lower part of your belly, or wrap up in a blanket to get warmer. Drinking chamomile tea can also be helpful.

* Take medicine. If you are in great pain there is no need to suffer. Take ibuprofen, acetaminophen or an OTC medication to alleviate cramps. The choice of a pill depends on what helps you best. Trust your organism.

* Eat something really delicious. It’s simple – when we feel bad both physically or emotionally we can eat something really delicious and get better. But try to choose healthy and natural foods. You don’t want to work out hard when your period is over to shed those extra pounds you gain during those darned days, right?

* Do something interesting! Positive emotions are often best healers. So, don’t just sit in front of your flat screen. Do something you love! Chat your friends, read favorite magazines, do puzzles or whatever that makes you happy!

* Wear comfortable clothes. If you really feel bad during your period you will hardly want to go out much. So, stay at home and wear something which is very comfortable long t-shirts, sweats, fuzzy socks, etc.

* Work out! Yes, it might sound horrible even to think about but if you are an active person working out can be a better remedy than anything else. Don’t overdo though.

* Change your diet. Some doctors advise women who suffer strong pains during their periods to change their diets. Eat foods which contain plenty of potassium (such as bananas), reduce amount of salty and sugary foods.