Tips for dressing up kids in Cold weather

Winter here and India, it is cold one day and not so cold tye other has been the same in USA too..three days of severe cold and one day of weather..can't such weather, sending a child to school or to play outside is a tricky thing. Why not think of dressing them up in layers ! Have your child wear a not so thin T-shirt, then a fleece hoodie or a thick jacket if the weather is too cold. Then a small short skirt and thick leggings underneath. Teach your child to remove a layer of clothes isf she feels too hot suddenly due to playing for long.

Color coordinating these layers is important too...match the colors of each piece of dressing or choose contrast colors,,,dressing up a child is exciting amd can fulfill your dressing up desires through them...use the brightest of the colors in dull weather..use pastels when the sun is can play with colors and trends. Well, until your child allows you.

Buying a pair of fleece hoodies is a smart thing to do. When there's a school going child, you need quite a good number of clothes...t-shirts, socks, pants, leggings should be stocked up enough for two weeks, hoodies, jackets, shoes, winter caps should be two each. Shoes should be in two varieties, sneakers for a warm day and those winter shoes for a badly cold day to keep thoese tiny feet warm when playing out. Schools in the western countries have a norm of sending kids out to play twice a day for fitness, even during a cold day, unless it is severely cold. hence, shop well for kids' winter clothes. Teach your children to wear winter caps, scarfs or ear muffs for protection, most kids hate to wear winter gear. I know it is a big task..i am on the same boat. Let us know if you have any tips to share on how to keep kids warm and snug during winters.

--Prathyusha Talluri