Fashion Tips for Trendy Kids-1

Choose tshirts that have interesting and catchy statements. Let aside the tshirt that is just as simple as possible, in a color that is pale but a statement it carries, if interesting then your child is going to be noticed in a big group of other kids...make sure the print is in a bold, dark color..inorder to be visible clearly. Most tshirts carry prints in silver, gold which are not clear for visibility. Captions are interesting to be read, many of us read others tshirts...those little lines on kids' tshirts are so cute and funny too !!

Choose dresses with interesting and trending patterns or colors. Some designs become so famous among Moms and other fashionistas, like the Chevron of the recent times and few colors such as neon hues from the recent months. Some fabrics are also famous at a time, you buy dresses made of those fabrics after they are gone, they become boring, instead catchup on current fashion trends...your child and you will be a talk of fashion among other Moms for sure !



Choose jackets, boleros, cardigans for the little girls and leather jackets for the boys, they create a fashion statement so stylish..on the other hand, they can be worn on different dresses, during different seasons of the year. However, make sure to decide cleverly on the sizes, as kids keep growing, their dresses tend to be tighter soon after few uses.

Dressing similar to your child makes a grand statement and a feeling of dearness about the is a good idea..dont go with few opinions that dressing similar might be boring or is not ! Mom, Dad and the kids dress up in similar shades gives a good feeling to others about the love among the family members...means, the kids listen to parents, instead of having different opinions on dressing up, that the children are not rude to the parents, and that they like following their parents ideas. Kids look so stylish and cute in good dont want them to look shabby even when you take them for groceries with you. May you have fashionable and happy kids !!!


- Prathyusha