Getting ready to nurture the tiny new born!!

There are people around us suggesting what advices knock our doors everyday..make sure you follow what is right, and to know the right things, you should research. You have been blessed with 8-9 months, take your time, there are nights you cant sleep, spend those moments reading more and more. gather information, talk to Moms whom you think might have done the right thing...however, you will learn by practically implementing those ideas.

Nursing comes naturally to every mom! Believe in this thought. Let not other women disappoint or discourage you by saying "These days, women have to struggle alot to be able to breastfeed the baby, Gone are those days when it came naturally to Moms..blah blah blah"......
Dont listen...dont care..

Eating healthy food, having positive thoughts, expecting a happy child, a wonderful future with your Child, will definitely help you. Taking vitamins/minerals daily without fail is very important.

Some steps to follow: Apply Olive oil or any other edible oil to the nipples, massage them once every day and night. They will be sore and painful at times, massaging and keeping them moist will give relief. While doing this, smoothly pull the nipple out, let it extend out, do this now inorder for the baby after birth to be able to grab the nipple easily into his/her mouth. Wear the right kindof support inner wear, right from the initial months, even during the months when the size increases.


Drink lots of milk, eat whole grains like Quinoa (pronounced Keenva, rarely available in India), Dal/curry made with Drumstick leaves/ Methi leaves. These will give your body enough nutrients to be able to produce milk.


Dont discuss about your plan to breastfeed with any and every woman you meet. Only share your thoughts with your close/ trusted ones who care for you. Remember, not everyone gives you the best suggestion. I am writing these because i went through the same stage recently and there were people who discouraged me.


We will discuss the right ways to nursing in the coming articles!!


- Prathyusha Talluri


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