Shop till you drop....people say this..but what shopping is that without buying things most necessary and helpful. Specially when the New parents are awaiting their bundle of joy's arrival. There is 9 months of ample time. Shopping too early might initally excite the parents but seeing the same stuff lying around for few more months will make you feel those items are boring and not so new, and become dusty too....i suggest you start buying after Mommy is 7 months heavy. at this stage, some parents already know the gender of the baby,and there is more excitement/ exactly enough time to get things ready. However, delaying to buy necessary stuff in the later stages, when Mom's 9 months and counting, is not suggestible as Mom's feeling heavy and not able to walk easily. Online shopping is better at this stage.


Some items to buy before you head to the hospital, as you need them right from the 1st day of the Baby's arrival and sametime, you will not be left with time to go shopping later.

Nursing Pillow.....try the Mombo pillow than the soft ones. Its firm side is useful to place the baby when nursing.

Diaper Rash cream, try Pink Salve or the A+D cream, even if you are not using diapers, to avoid rash due to wetness.

A bigger size Nursing inner avoid nipple soreness.

A bigger size Tummy support your sore tummy after delivery. Use it as directed by the Doctor. Mother's who underwent C-Section Surgery, can use it after 6 weeks only.

Good firm Body Support Pillows, for Mom to lean against and also to rest on while nursing and trying to sleep after delivery. Hospital beds are pretty comfortable with adjustable rests, Beds at home dont have that adjustment facility. Our body is not ready to sleep and sit like normal people.

Hospitals in USA provide 15-20 extra diapers, we can bring them home and buy the stock meanwhile. Dont buy diapers in advance, you never know what size the baby fits into.

There are people who discourage nursing. It comes naturally to all. Even before you attempt, dont declare you can't. Be prepared to nurse the baby on your own, not depend on Formulae....our next Article will help you know more on Breastfeeding correctly.

All the Best!!


- Prathyusha Talluri


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