Doctor gave you the Wonderful news of your Li'l ones arrival, you can listen to his/her voice.....the very thought is still exciting to me!

After an hour from the delivery, finally the Nurse brings your Treasure to you. This is called Kangaroo Care. Research proves that Babies when allowed to have skin to skin contact with parents during the first few hours of birth, develop a stronger emotional attachment with them. You can request the Hospital staff to get the Baby to you soon after you are out of the Operation/ Labor room and let them know that you intend to nurse the baby.

Suddenly the baby is hungry, searching everywhere, all fingers inside the mouth..signal that its food time..Mom has to get ready. Take a firm pillow that the hospital provides, or get your nursing pillow. The nurse will make sure she helps you. Initially, Its only a watery, colorless liquid, called Colostrum, with high amount of Antibodies to protect the newborn against disease, low in fat, high in protein. Dont let anyone declare that Milk is not flowing, for the next 3- 4days, its only Colostrum, its so useful and valuable for the Baby's next few months.

The baby will cry, not giving you enough time to grab the pillow, sit properly and get ready to nurse, Hurry up, but Dont Panic..Every 2.5 hrs the baby will be hungry and he/she will take close to 1 hour to suck milk. Keep a watch on the time, you will have 1.5 hrs to relax and soon you have to be ready to nurse any moment.

Once the Baby falls asleep after feeding for atleast more than 30mins, put the baby on your shoulder and slowly pat the back, or pat in upward strokes, the baby will burp, sometimes they take 10-15mins to burp, but its important. They also fall asleep soon after drinking for 10mins, wake the baby up and help to drink. The baby needs food to stay active.

The first 3 months, baby has to be fed on demand. Get ready to nurse everytime the baby is hungry, between intervals of 2-2.5 hrs. They feel hungry quickly, after emptying the tummy. You will also be hungry soon after nursing, so eating and drinking often is very important. Never feed while you are hungry, your body will loose all calcium anyways, your energy reserves will be emptied too.

These days, the Hospital staff is taking Moms for a walk a day after either undergoing a C-Section or a natural delivery. Its a good exercise and helps your body come out of that shock and the feeling of numbness.

We will return with suggestions on how to handle things when you go home!


- Prathyusha Talluri


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