Eating healthy food alone is not sufficient for a healthy lifestyle but also correct cooking methods are to be employed during cooking. Or else we might be killing the healthy food and make the same dangerous for our own self!

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Though some of these are tough to break but for sake of our health Using Non-stick Pans at High Heat should be discontinued, at high temperatures PFC(perfluorocarbons) are released as fumes which incorporate into our bodies and damage our liver

Using Non-stick pans is a good practice but using metallic utensils is not advisable not just because it prevents scratching and it look but this scratching can lead to ingestion of PFCs. It is best to use wooden or heat-safe rubber utensils

When heating oil to smoking, destroys beneficial antioxidants and forms harmful compounds. Just heat it until it shimmers but not smokes!

Stirring the food constantly to prevent burning, the flavor of the food is boosted by letting it sit on hot pans. Constant stirring breaks food apart and makes it soggy.

Serving hot food on plastic made use-and-throw dishes is very dangerous, because hot foods melt the surface chemicals and enter into our bodies!

 While making batter for baking, we expect the ingredients to mix evenly so, we end up over mixing causes gluten to form in flour. Mix the batter gently and uniformly then put down your mixer!

 Instead of filling the pan to brim with ingredients, it is better to cook small amounts of food in batches. This ensures crispier looks, healthier and tastier foods