Every parent dreams of their child's 1st birthday, infact every birthday party counts. When its time for the Birthday Bash, themes are always overwhelming...we need ideas, more and more. I thought sharing some ideas would relieve you of atleast few tensed anxious party planning moments...

Use a rainbow-themed first birthday party idea to plan a colorful event for your little bird.


Bubbles and Balloons Party:

Arrange a bubble machine from a party supply store, they offer rentals too. And also give some bubble blowers to the kids, let them make their own bubbles, hang clear balloons not the colored ones, but let there be another small balloon inside every big clear one.

Around the World Party:

Send guests plane-ticket invitations. Use airport lingo, like arrival and departure times, seat assignments, and flight numbers.

Candy Theme:

Turn basic balloons into free standing lollipops. Wrap them in cellophane and add a wrapping paper tube stick, then position them around the room.

Hard candies are super easy to make.Tape together two plastic dinner plates, wrap them in cellophane, and cinch the ends with ribbon.

Have fun in your own party!


- Prathyusha Talluri