We spoke about being able to say NO to a child at times, when there is no other way to discipline them. As you sent your limits, let the child know what she/he is permitted to do.

Saying "No playing with mud inside the house" might frustrate them, instead say "lets play outside" and you take them with you. Beyond this, almost anything you might tell your child NOT TO DO, can be rephrased as a positive instruction and they will tend to obey. Instead of saying "No standing on the Chair", you can say "Chairs are for sitting, Dear" and Sometimes, repeatedly using the same kind of positive sentence might work if not the first time. If you sense a conflict developing, act as if you are on the same team as your child, behaving as your child's friend always.

But if you break your own rule, make it very clear to them that you are angry and they have to follow. Hitting the child is definitely not a solution anyday, you will regret, if not today, you will...after 20 years, and that will be bitter.

- Prathyusha Talluri

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