Baby Diaper Changing Tips for Mother

Special care baby diaper changing tips for mother the must be taken during diapering to avoid mess, the risk of rashes & infections and injuries from falls.
Diaper Changing Tips for Girls

    * Don’t worry if you see a small amount of blood or any discharge while changing baby girl's diaper. During the first few days after birth, these things are normal
    * Always clean skin folds and wipe the diaper area from front to back. This will avoid spreading of bacteria such as E. coli
    * Clean diaper properly so that nothing left from a soiled diaper
    * Don’t use soap more frequently as it can enhance the risk of UTI

Diaper Changing Tips for Boys

    * When changing a baby boy's, cover the genitals with a diaper or burp cloth to prevent accidents
    * Point the baby’s penis downward while diapering to prevent leakage
    * If your baby has been circumcised, never pull the foreskin down for cleaning
    * Follow the instructions of the doctor while caring for a healing circumcision
    * Clean the skin folds and area under your baby’s scrotum properly