Newborn Baby Bathing Tips

Many people think that if you don’t bath your newborn baby daily, you are not a good mother. Is this right? You don’t have to bath your baby everyday. * Before a bath, keep all the things nearby the sink or tub.

* Water is enough to clean most of the debris, so you don’t require soap. But, a mild and unscented soap with moisturizer that is made especially for babies can be used if needed.

* Put a towel on the bottom of the bath tub to avoid slipping

* You can add unperfumed bath oil in the bathing water to avoid overdrying of skin

* Never use bubble baths on newborn and young babies.

* Keep the room temperature warm and free of drafts like open windows or fans

* Never leave the baby unattended or alone during bath time

* Don’t place the baby in running water

* Take off your watch and jewellery while giving bath to the baby

* Moisturisers like sorbolene and aqueous creams can be used to stop newborn skin drying out