Kate Middleton Beauty Tips

Kate Middleton Beauty Tips, Kate Middleton Diet Secrets, Kate Middleton Fashion: She just turned 30 years and the Duchess of Cambridge is still in many fields to follow an icon not only in fashion but also in beauty.

* Kate has tried a range of beauty products to keep her skin glowing, including the Swiss beauty brand Karin herzog which pioneered the use of oxygen in beauty products to boost the skin’s dewy, plump appearance.

* Kate likes to do her own make-up and sticks to a natural palette with neutral glossy lips and dramatic eyes defined with a good helping of eye-liner.

* Kate has an enviably lean physique but does at least an hour’s gym workout a day. Her favourite high-energy workout is said to include rowing, running and weight-lifting. She also cycles regularly and balances cardio with yoga sessions to lengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

* The man who keeps Kate’s tumbling chestnut locks in condition is James Pryce. After creating her demi-chignon style for her wedding, he accompanied Kate and Prince Wil- liam on their tour of North America in the summer. It seems, however, as if looking after the royal hair has become a full-time job because it was revealed yesterday that Pryce has left the Richard Ward salon in Chelsea.