HeadBands for Girls

Fashion for Little Girls is unique by style. Not just frocks and dresses, accesories play a major role in dressing up the little girls, be it for parties, ceremonies or for photoshoots when making family portraits. Head Bands have become famous enough in the past couple of years. However, head bands made for baby girls are not the same as head bands for older girls or toddlers. These are made of soft fabrics, satin, crochet etc., not with hard plastic.

DIYers are making the most innovative head bands for baby girls and newborns, some with used T-shirts, Satin ribbons, soft jute fabric, silk threads, wool, and everything soft and knittable for the extremely soft heads. Embellishments are Pearly beads, buttons, soft decorative flowers, crochetted flowers, some artists are even using fresh flowers to weave an instant headband...when are you trying your hand at it?!