How to Do a Yoga Triangle Pose

A yoga triangle pose stretches your legs and spine. These beginner instructions show you how to do this standing yoga posture correctly.Trikonasana, or the triangle pose, is the final posture in the sequence of 12 basic asanas of hatha yoga. The main benefits of this standing posture are to stretch the sides of the body and give a lateral movement to the spine.

* Stand straight on a flat and firm ground.

* Stretch your legs outwards, maintaining a distance of 2½ feet.

* Now, move your left foot outwards, at an angel of about 90 degrees.

* Bring the right foot inwards, at an angel of about 45 degrees.

* Start inhaling and raise your arms till the time they are parallel to the ground.

* Now, as your start exhaling, turn your head towards the left.

* Focus your gaze down your left arm, towards the stretched out fingers and ensure that your left knee is in alignment with the left ankle.

* Take a deep breath and start stretching your body towards the left side, lowering the left hip and raising the right one, as far as you feel comfortable.

* Now, spin around your arms. You need to let your left hand go down, coming to rest on the floor, along with left foot. As for the right hand, it should be pointing straight up.

* Turn around in a way that your gaze focuses on the right hand.

* Stay in the position for 1-2 minutes, while taking deep breaths.

* Exhale once more and slowly start lowering your arms.

* Bring your hands to rest on your hips.

* Now, turning on your heels, bring your feet in front, once again.

* Repeat the asana with the right leg.