Yoga For Meditation

Yoga precedes meditation. Any physical activity preceding meditation helps for thoughts to subside. Yoga is an excellent aid to get into meditation.

* Padmasana (Lotus Pose) Padmasana is one of the most popular poses for meditation. This asans apart from being a meditative pose, removes stiffness from the knees, improves posture and calms the mind.


* Vajrasana (Thunderbolt pose) Vajrasana or the 'Thunderbolt pose' is also one of the poses for meditation. Vajrasana speeds up digestion, makes ankle joints flexible, improves the body posture, beneficial for the reproductive organs as well.


* Sukhasana (Easy pose) Sukhasana is the simple way of sitting with the legs crossed. This asana falls in the category of Yoga for meditation. This is one of the most simple asanas and the usual way of an Indian sitting on the floor. This asana is beneficial for the hips and the spine. It brings in an inner calm, banishing anxiety.


* Siddhasana is also a simple meditative pose. It purifies the 72,000 channels in the human body through which energy passes) It is beneficial for the knees and the ankles, lower spine, pubic region, abdominal organs etc. It renders calmness of the mind