Yoga Back Bender

Yoga back bender has two different curves on each side a steady arch at one end and a steep arch on the other end. The steep arch is meant for yoga practitioners who are more flexible.

* It helps to open the front body, shoulders and chest.

* It provides support for quieter restorative practice.

* It helps in supporting back, which otherwise gets hurt.

* Besides, it also enhances the final relaxation poses.


* Forward Bender

Forward bender is helpful to perform difficult forward bends. It is a triangle shaped prop with several open slots along its curvature that looks like a curved ladder. It extends forward stretch into the calf muscles, so that the spine is fully expanded and straightened. Forward bender can be used for 1 and 2-legged forward bends. It effectively stretches hamstrings, calf muscles and achilles tendons.


* Whale Back Bender

Whale back bender is a popular back bender among people. It's wide enough to support your entire back, while offering comfort to your spine as you perform a stretch. It looks like the regular back bender, but actually it is much broader than the regular ones. It helps in tractioning your spine without stressing other joints.


* Foldaway Back Bender

As the name suggests, Foldaway Back Bender is a prop that can be folded, or can be separated to make two new props. It can be used to practice drop-backs and forward bends. It occupies less storage space, making itself the most versatile and innovative back bench.