New Uses of Old Tyres


Vehicles give off their old tyres when worn out...they are recycled these days to make some innovative things for a better society but how many such tyres are recycled is the question...there are still so many others that are not being put to a second life purpose and thrown away in garbage, taking thousands of years to diminish. A new plastic item is being purchased every other day in almost all households for some purpose or the other. There can be a smarter solution to reuse the old tyres instead of buying new plastic materials...such a using tyres for planting sapplings, in the big garden or even in a small balcony garden, on the terrace top with proper water-proof base. They can be hung against the walls or layered on the ground to create a step-planter facility for multiple plants.



Some are creatively making seating solutions with old tyres...for an ordinary living room, as foot stools, side tables, center tables, kids chairs and even for the patio gardens for weather-proof seating, in kids play areas such as see-saw arrangements, hopping fun and such. Some have so simply converted the huge tyres into sand pits to engage their tiny tots. Few have brought them into the kids rooms to stack up their toys and story books.


Carving these tyres has become another trend...patiently carving and cutting tyres creates beautiful center pieces too. Coverng them with jute twine allover brings out a mighty centre table with a rustic natural look, a sturdy table for entertaining purposes in the living room...Out of curiosity, i have a question, do these old tyres smell like worn out rubber even after all this decorations? If not, then i am ready too to go on a hunt looking for some neighbor's old car tyre and make it my own craft piece !