Nail biting:

Biting off is the easiest way to cut your baby's nails. You may try nibbling your baby's nails while feeding or when they are sleeping. Take care not to peel the nails across as it will hurt your baby. You can make the process easier if you try it after a bath when their nails are soft and easy to bite off.


Baby scissors:

Small round tipped scissors are ideal for trimming your baby's tiny finger and toenails. Best time to cut your baby's nails is when they are asleep. If not, try to distract their concentration to something else while trying to cut.


Baby clippers:

Clippers that are designed especially for babies are available in market which will make your task easier. Clippers will help to trim your baby's nails quickly and efficiently. Take care not to end up nipping their skin instead.



It will be easier to trim your baby's nail if you get your partner involved in your task. One of you can hold your baby and try to distract him/her with some sounds while the other one can trim their nails. This will make the baby comfortable as well.


Stay calm:

Don't panic if you accidentally cut him/her while trimming the nails. It is important to stay calm so that your baby will not associate nail trimming as something distressing. Place a cotton ball over the cut and apply slight pressure. Never put a plaster as it may loosen when they suck their fingers.


Check regularly:

Check your baby's hands and feet often for any excess nail growth. Trimming regularly will keep your task easy. If your older baby starts wearing shoes, trimming their nails is more important as it can hurt them otherwise.