We generally throw away tins/ cans after emptying their contents. There are simple tips and few easily available items to give an ordinary tin can, a new interesting look and a useful new life.

After you empty the contents of the tin, peel off the wrapper. Some wrappers peel off easily, some need to be soaked in water and removed. Let the can dry completely to avoid rusting.

Buy Adhesive paper with an interesting design that either matches your other decorative items or the one with a bold/ beautiful design you like.

If Adhesive paper is not available in the market, you can take a bigger size thick white paper and paint it with colors/design you like. Measure the height of the Tin and cut the paper accordingly. Now, apply Extra-hold glue like Elmer's All-Purpose Glue to the Tin surface and start sticking the painted thick white paper. Stick it well without air gaps on the surface.

You can use it as a Single Flower vase, as i dont think it can handle the weight of many flowers and water together....use it as a Pencil Holder, Plastic Spoon Holder for parties etc..


- Prathyusha Talluri


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