Most of us want to avoid rice and related food from our diet as we are so much worried about the callories we add and weight gain problems we may get, with our regular rice intake. But researchers have proved that by making little alterations to our regular cooking process, we can reduce the calorie intake compared to conventional methods of cooking.

Instead of pressure cooker, try to cook rice ditrectly in a vessel. First pour water in the container and allowallow it to boil. Then add 1 table spoon vegetable oil or coconut oil and then add rice to water. Once rice is cooked completely, then spread in wide plate to let it release vapour.

In this process, you are actually breaking the chemical structure of rice so that it looses its characteristic feature.

So, next time when you want to enjoy seasonal pickles and other regional dishes, dont be hesitant to consume rice; but cook your own rice dish and satisfy your taste buds.

Happy eating!!