Many reasons to stop Fitness 


When someone starts exercising people mock....i dont understand the reason, but i have seen quite a few doing it....they say fitness is not for everyone...and these silly questions and suggestions come from different corners... Why are you dieting? Are you getting old? Why cant you stay fit by just eating right? Dont overdo and strain your body! You are getting tired by exercising!

When a person starts a good thing, there are 10 behind him to stop, not because its right, but because they are wrong...dont let anyone demotivate you as you think of fitness...Some might suggest a Doctor's advice, nothing wrong in doing it, such people are not harmful, but the ones who dont let you stay fit are.

Set your mind, build the interest and motivation, stay around people who encourage fitness and better health. And then there will be no turning back, not much running behind the Doctors. If you are not interested, atleast dont discourage others about fitness !!!