Purna Yoga Benefits

Purna Yoga Benefits, Purna Yoga Poses, Purna Yoga: Purna Yoga gives Yoga a positive and dynamic form. It suggests three levels of integration- the integration of the inner, the integration of the human psyche with its external environment and the integration of the psyche with its ultimate spiritual Ground.

It not just brings optimism and positive energies to the body but also to the world at large. It is this united spirituality that proficiently combines self-transcendence with love, sympathy, and reverence for all living beings. It puts together the varied aspects of yoga, needed for transformation and healing.

* Many of us have different activities that we practice in order to promote good health. To get stronger we may lift weights, for cardiovascular exercise we may do an aerobic activity, for balance and harmony we may use tai-chi, for flexibility we stretch out and meditation to find peace of mind and relax.

• Does it all- It supports the mind, body, emotions and your Spirit

• It creates both strength and flexibility

• Promotes good cardiovascular health

• Helps to create mental clarity and will relieve stress

• Will create an emotional balance

• Connects you awareness to your intuition and wisdom within

• This style is safe for all ages and body types

• Promotes healing from injuries

• Promotes an overall sense of wellness.


* Purna Yoga Benefits Purna

Yoga is the style of yoga which teaches alignment-based asana, healthy living and heart-centered meditation to help people achieve a wholeness, fulfillment and healing to life’s purpose. Purna yoga teacher training creates a way to have a life changing experience and through practice meeting the needs of today’s world.