Mantra Yoga Benefits

Mantra Yoga Postures , MantraYoga Poses, Types of Mantra Yoga: Different people use different mantras for chanting.

The mantras could be a particular sentence or a group of sentences related to a particular spiritual meaning.

The most commonly used word for chanting is ‘Om’ which according to Sanskrit means spirit and according to hindu mythology it means emptiness.

The combination of the two derives the purpose of the mantra yoga – A calm spirit detached from the anxieties and worries of a regular life.

* Mantra yoga works a great deal on people suffering from anxiety, stress , nervousness, panic attacks and fear,

* Regular chanting of the mantras creates a sense of tranquillity.

* It also helps achieve inner peace

* The advantage of mantra yoga, as it is believed, is that it turns an unhappy person into a happy and serene individual.

* Since the most commonly chanted word is the word ‘Om’, the repetition of this word creates a physical vibration along with the mental one. This leads the practitioner to lead levels of sub and super consciousness.

* Helps focus on your inner self. * It has positive effects on the nervous system.

* This yoga relaxes the mind, body and the soul.

* Mantra yoga when practiced to extreme levels, helps attain intense points of concentration that can cure any physical or mental disorders.

* A person practicing mantra yoga benefits from regulated breath and clarity of mind.

* The spiritual benefits of this yoga are psychic intervention, control of ones own mind and thoughts.

* The relaxation of the mind enhances knowledge and the pressures of life are controlled by the thought control process.

* The most important and ultimate benefit of mantra yoga is self realization and leads an individual on the road to enlightenment.