Mom-to-be has waited and waited, she watched too many Baby videos on the internet, she is so anxious to see her Child's face...just can't wait enough.

Preparations start at home, hospital bag is ready, baby clothes are ready, the cradle is waiting and lo, Mom wants to start cleaning! Isn't she getting tired less?! Though she can't bend and be active, still something tells her the house has to be ready for the Baby. She knows the baby doesnot bother much, still the very determination on decorating the house, cleaning everything is so strong, no one can stop her.

These strange moments dont come to all Moms. But, even i expereinced it. I cleaned the whole refrigerator at 15days more to full term, with the idea that my Baby should not find any dirt at home...i was dreaming to show every room to the Li'l one soon after coming home. My mind ddnt allow me to feel tired of all the cleaning at that stage. However, body gets tired.

Dont stress out, better take some help in cleaning. I wouldnot say "DONT CLEAN", i know NOTHING CAN STOP YOU, infact if someone stops you, you will only end up crying that night, complaining that no one is bothered about the Baby's Home Coming...blah blah..on and on!

I know you are getting ready for your baby's arrival, however, Mom's health is Baby's health. Your main focus should be on going to the Hospital and giving birth to a healthy Baby. Clean, the house and surroundings should definitely be neat and tidy for the Baby hygiene. There are people to help you. Who doesnot want to help an Expectant Mom !


- Prathyusha Talluri


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