The extreme Power of Yoga

This is considered desirable as life is analyzed as ultimately full of sorrows and pain- even pleasure and joy leave pain and loss when they have gone as nothing in the material world is permanent. The only reason why the rush to the gym is declining is because one does not get a feeling of complete well-being merely from gymming whereas while doing yoga, you relax and in turn, you undergo a process of healing.

However, the prime aim of yoga is to not only understand how to control the mind, but also to attain a higher level of consciousness.  This implies joining or integrating all aspects of the individual - body with mind and mind with soul - to achieve a happy, balanced and useful life, and spiritually uniting the individual with the supreme. These powers – whatever we seek, in fact – is in us. One of the greatest miraculous discoveries of the philosophy of yoga is that whatever we seek is in ourselves. It is not outside, because there is no such thing as ‘outside’. Buddhism and other Eastern spiritual traditions use many techniques derived from Yoga. It's the exercise cum meditation for the new millennium, one that doesn't so much pump you up as bliss you out.

The main benefits of Yoga are

* Removes body toxins through sweat
* Heals disorders like acid stomach
* Helps getting rid of obesity
* Increases the calorie burning capacity of body
* Helps coping with asthma, cancer, bronchitis, insomnia and sinus
* Helps to deal with hypertension and menstrual disorders
* Increases stamina, strength and flexibility of body
* Improves blood circulation and immune system
* Improves concentration and self-control