Yoga Can Cure Cancer

Yoga offers practical tools with which you can help yourself and mobilize your own inner resources. Yoga is empowering because you are doing something for yourself: no-one is doing it for you.  Cancer is a broad complex of illnesses in which a weakened immune system cannot cope with the proliferation of damaged cells. Of course yoga is not a "cure" for cancer but it can help to strengthen the immune system and encourage our inner healing forces. It works in various ways:

* Relaxation - calms the nervous system and alleviates the stress and anxiety which lower immune functioning and hinder healing

* Breathing Exercises - improves respiration, releases tension and restores balance and calm

* Meditation - develops the detachment and clarity that enables us to acknowledge and accept the realities of our situation and to cope with our fears

* Physical Posture - clears toxins, increases energy levels and enhances the functioning of our internal organs and systems

The simplest of yoga breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques can also help us to deal with the overwhelming emotions that come with the diagnosis of a life-changing illness: shock, anger, fear, and guilt to name the most obvious ones. And they can be of help in managing the stress, anxiety and pain of cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women and almost 4,000 cases were fatal just last year. Conventional treatments for cervical cancer such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, hysterectomy, or the removal of lymph nodes and ovaries can often leave the woman infertile. However, alternatives exist for women who seek a more holistic approach to improving their bodies' responses to cancer.

Cervical cancer can be remedied in ways alternative to conventional, damaging treatments. Instead of harsh treatments that can wreak havoc on the body, a combination of yoga, meditation, and a raw vegan diet can be a much more gentle and beneficial method for healing.