Summer Pool - Fitness


Summer is the best time to  work out and lose weight and Swimming is one great way to that. Splash ,swim and work out with no fancy gadgets .All you need is a swim suit and if your are sacred of water –it doesn’t matter , just stick to the shallow side. But you never know you could also end up learning how to swim and for those who already know, it’s time to brush up the other styles of swimming.

When it comes to working out in the pool first get in and get accustomed to the water. After walking around you could start by holding on to the side bar/rod of the pool and work on kicking your legs - do flutter kicks and frog kicks.

You can also use the edge of the pool to keep your balance while doing leg lifts to work the muscles on your tummy, legs and bottom. Do 10 sets each of lifting your leg in front of you, to the side, and behind you.

Run in the water to increase your heart rate. If you think you are going to lose balance and fall just hold on to the rod. And if you do just hold your breath and you will get back up. While standing you could also do vigorous jumping and twisting while holding the rod for improving your muscle strength.

Face up and hold the rod and cycle in the water .You could increase the push and test yourself as to how fast you can do this.The added advantage is that you wont feel the pressure on your knees and it is good for people who are slightly on the heavier side.

Enjoy Summer and splash in the pool along with your friends or kids and also get into shape!