Making of Chinese Lantern Pendants


Materials :

3/4 inch circle craft punch

1 sheet of Scrapbook paper

Silver seed bead (size 6/0)

Red glass pearl bead (6 mm)

2 bead caps (1 used 10 mm caps)

20 gauge wire (Approx 6 inches)

Thin chain link

Glue – Mod Podge, Elmers, PVA glue are all good.

A small paintbrush for applying glue

Wire cutters

Round nose pliers

Bent nose pliers

A necklace of your choice


Making :

Using the circle punch, cut out 12 circles


Fold the circles in half

Put glue onto half the back of a folded circle.

Attach to the next folded circle.

Continue until all the folded circles are attached. It looks a little like a book right now.

Glue the first circle to the last.

Set the round paper bead aside to dry.

Grab your wire, cut about 6 inches off, and make a loop at one end using your round pliers.

Cut 3 lengths of chain — each 1 inch long. Open the loop at the end of the wire. Attach the chains to the loop and close the loop with your bent nose pliers.

Thread the straight part of the wire through your beads in this order: Red bead, end cap, paper bead, end cap, silver bead.

One you have threaded all the beads, use your round pliers to make a loop at the top of the pendant.

You’re done! Either slip the pendant directly onto a necklace or attach to a necklace with jump rings. (we used a flocked velvet necklace from a craft store and attached the pendant with jump rings.)