New Year Party Ideas

Arrange multiple alarm clocks, set at 12'0 different spots of the party room, when they all start ringing, it will be funnily alarming...everyone gets alert and runs to shut them run for a while.

Decorate one focal wall in the room either brightly or ornately...its a party, dont be shy to over decorate ! You can use this side for a cake cutting backdrop or a photo booth. Think and decide if there should be a dressup theme..if everyone likes, do it and share giggles!

Bake or order interesting treats for the need not be old fashioned and cut the cake religiously..choose cupcakes, mini treats and have a lavish dinner..a sleepover suits best for a new year dont want to end up feeling bored and lonely after the party, have friends or relatives over for a sleepover and the next day is fun too !! Planning well for this new year party is only comes once a year and its the first party of the year too...Have a Happy New Year folks !!