Steps to make your WORK FROM HOME Life Easy



Managing to work and having a young child is not atall an easy task. Everyday starts with a thought and a worry if we can handle things in a better way today or not. Having a child who needs our attention and having kids who go to School/ College is totally different.

Every moment of our day should be well planned when handling a child simultaneosly. However, plans dont always be successful ones, however, practice makes one perfect. Slowly your child also gets used to your routine and understands that Mom cannot be disturbed always.

Working from home involves Phone calls and so many phone calls..for every big matter to be discussed, we should pick up the Phone..the Child will be irate looking at Mom always on phone calls...they start to cry, fuss and fret the moment we hold the phone, sometimes they even learn to turn off the computer or hide the is very risky when we have Important, Urgent Business calls with Clients, or someone new we need to get in business with.


Following these steps makes our life easy:

Making up our mind that we will be calm and not frustrated, today.

Arranging a play area/room for the child and a work station for you, that is not in an easy-reach zone to the Child.

Setting up a daily routine for them so that they know what to expect.

Making sure you dont get your child too used to watching TV, just to make them stay quiet.

Spending short moments with them.

Not being angry with the Child when they are sleepy/hungry or need your help.

Informing the Employer that you have a Child/ or more than one so that they oblige your short breaks of being away from the phone or computer.

Hope these tips help you have a better day!!!


- Prathyusha Talluri